TV listing


19:30 – 20:30 Jamie’s Fifteen Minute Meals


Diary of a Teenage Nudist follows the story of Bianca, an eighteen year old who grew up in a nudist club. Bianca now returns to nudism to examine the motivation of nudists and the whole nudist movement. Warning: Contains nudity.


Film: Alice Adams Drama about a small town girl who finds love in an unlikely form with Katherine Hepburn


Filth, The Mary Whitehouse Story: In 1963 the Wolverhampton teacher and housewife, Mary Whitehouse, embarked on a mission to clean up TV. Warning: Contains very strong language.


Floyd On Italy: Today, Floyd goes fishing for squid, cooks wild boar, and learns how to make cheese from a farmer’s wife.


Channel 5: Zoo Days. An operation is performed on a mandrill and baby pandas emerge.