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A woman on a television show hosted by Oprah Winfrey about memory loss forgot she was wanted by the police. Joan Haberek appeared on They Can’t Remember Who They Are unaware she was wanted over the theft of £30,000. She was arrested hours later.


Several cabinet ministers and MPs are expected in the Rochester and Strood seat in the next three days in an attempt to prevent the second embarrassing defeat to UKIP. Douglas Carswell became the second elected UKIP MP last month when he won the Clacton by-election, after defecating from the Tories.


Free inside: How to beat hair loss, the definitive pull-out guide.


Poltergeist that mysteriously trashed US couple’s home turns out to be meth addict who was hiding under the bed with a knife.


German police have apologised to a one-armed cyclist, after they pulled him over and fined him for riding one-handed.


After nearly two centuries the Carlton Club, an exclusive club for Tories, has overturned a ban on women members. As a result, David Cameron may join.