Map of the Philippines

Where In The Philippines

The Philippines is a really special place, with really special people, so I thought it should have a special post. If you haven’t been, go! If you’ve been, why did you come back? (I only did because my visa expired and I ran out of money.)

There are 7107 islands that make up the Philippines archipelego. Actually, the count varies according to who you ask, where you look, and whether the tide’s in [seriously!] I’ve been to nine of them. So I still have a little way to go.

Manila Pix

A really exciting city

Davao Pix

A fairly ‘typical’ island

Palawan Pix

A tourist paradise

Tacloban Pix

A less touristy island

Cebu Pix

Loved it. Going back. Definitely.

Picture of a jeepney

Oh … and …
Wouldn’t be complete without this!