Hard to Hear Names

I’m no longer struggling to hear, spell, then verify the Writers of Additional Material if they’re not immediately obvious. Instead, I’m either adding a question mark to a name if I’m not sure of its spelling or just recording Unidentified to show a name is missing if I can’t even make it out enough to take an educated guess.

Data Verification

I’m part way through an exercise of trying to verify show line-ups in light of information supplied by Mike Marsh, to whom I’m deeply indebted, and I’m finding quite a few that are incorrect. This is mainly because of wrongly identified shows in torrent files which in the past I’ve taken at face value. As Data Verification

Site Reconstruction

This site is powered by WordPress. It’s a very popular platform which undoubtedly will be the engine behind very many of the sites you visit. WordPress provides the basic framework and is supported by a plethora of “plugins” – modules which add particular functions the site needs. Not every site wants to show pictures from Site Reconstruction

How can I identify a recording I have?

Go to the main page of either ISIHAC or The News Quiz Unfortunately this facility is currently broken. For now, for ISIHAC shows pick the least played game. You can find a list of all of the games played here along with descriptions to help identify them. For The News Quiz use a reader or writer from your recording to narrow down the search. If that fails, for either show, start with the least regular panellist on your recording. That will considerably reduce the number of shows you then need to check manually.