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Promo Disc This is a promotional disc in a cardboard case, which MAY have minor scuff marks on some edges and/or corners. For more details of the item, please view the image(s). I’ll happily combine postage. It costs no more to send two discs without jewel cases, and often three, than to send one. This […]
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I can’t find a link back to where I came in.

  There are a few items with no visible links to them, just because they're not relevant to the main purpose of the site; but, it's easier for me to include them here than set up a separate website to display them. The easiest options are: use the back button on your browser to return to the page you came in at; use a keyword or phrase in Search in the navigation bar to find the item again; reuse the original link that brought you to the site again.

Packer, CSM

From: September 2013

Unskilled role taken to demonstrate ability to commit, as well as provide an income

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Where In The Philippines

The Philippines is a special place ... it deserves a special section
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Where Am I?

The 'obligatory' pix of me.
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Where’s Dinner?

I never thought I'd end up as a 'cat lover' ... then one adopted me. Now I can't imagine life without them.