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Series 02 Show 01

A recording around purporting to be show ten of series two, I reckon is show one.


Links & Extra Info

Sometimes images shown hold extra information. Hover your cursor over an image – if there’s info there it’ll pop up. They can also be links. For example, the images in credits on show pages are links to information on that person in that role. Point at it with your cursor and if it’s a link the cursor will change appropriately.

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There have been quite a few changes recently, primarily adding and deleting episodes, thanks to information supplied by Mike Marsh, to whom I’m deeply indebted. I’m now part way through an exercise of trying to verify show line-ups in light of this new info … and I’m finding quite a few that are incorrect. This is mainly because of wrongly identified shows in torrent files which in the past I’ve taken at face value. As part of the verification process when in doubt I’m trying to match the dates of news stories to items in a show. Eventually I plan to do this for all of the shows, but at this stage I’m doing a quick [sic] first pass, and this presently only works for stuff I can find online – so back to the late nineties, i.e. around series thirty – and can take quite a time.

Unless you’ve got a rare recording you’ve made yourself and lifted off an old cassette tape, it has probably come from one of the same torrents I’ve used. Before sending me a show that I’m listing as missing (or ‘poor quality’ or ‘truncated’) PLEASE check the line-up of the recording against the line-up I’m showing. At the end of this exercise I’ll be pretty sure mine is correct. If your recording doesn’t have that same line-up, it probably isn’t what it claims to be. For the shows I DO have, I’m adding as quickly as I can at least the opening cutting to each show and the final scores, which should help correctly identify a recording.