Although they all basically do the same job, different browsers – of which there are several major ones in common use – actually render things to your screen in slightly different ways. To complicate things even more, within each type of browser you can usually personalise it quite a lot – for example by making the text size bigger or smaller. If that doesn’t make things complicated enough, it also depends on the kind of screen you’re trying to view the site on. A wide screen rendering will look quite different from the more traditional ‘squarer’ terminals, and if you’re trying to view in a smartphone app or Blackberry, it will look different again. So with all these variables, it’s impossible to predict exactly what you’ll see, though I do try to make sure it’s something you can live with in most cases. If it isn’t, tell me! Of course, there’s always a very small possibility I’ve just tried to do something that has gone horribly wrong. But if that’s the case, I’ll already be working on things trying to put them back how they were!