MS Word

Many people don’t go much beyond the basics in MS Word but it can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. For example, by using styles to set paragraph sizes, font types, etc., one can easily change the look and format of a document with just a few clicks. These examples should demonstrate my proficiency with the package, as well as my understanding of the various subject matters, and my style(s) of presentation. Click the item or the icon to its left to open the file.

Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets can analyse and present huge amounts of data if used correctly. It’s unfortunate that they’re so often used as no more than a big calculator. The attached MS Excel examples should show I’ve applied their features to meet a variety of goals.

Other Packages

Below are some examples from other packages. The absense of a package doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t used it, just that I don’t have any examples. Of course, there are many packages I haven’t used, but the variety below should show that I don’t usually have a problem absorbing them. Again, clicking the item or the icon opens the example. However, if you don’t have that software on your machine, the example probably won’t open. (e.g. AutoCad, MS Project)