A soft fruit with a speech defect

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What invention are you waiting for?

“The invention I was eagerly awaiting was penicillin. It’s helped me no end. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to give a public shout to Sir Alexander Fleming. Boo-yah!”

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Book spines, as if on a shelf

Golden Memories

Some of the less well-known Little Golden Books
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“I don’t want to compare Bowditch to Matt Le Tissier, but the way he scored his goal was similar to Matt.”

Joe Royle

“6.10pm: Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Bennett’s estranged cousin, Mr.Collins, writes to announce his imminent visit to Longbourne – the house he will inherit on Mr.Bennett’s death. Mrs. Bennett rallies the residents to stop him setting up a minicab service.”

TV Listing, Hampstead and Highgate Express

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Always keep a pound of lard in your pocket so that if you get your head stuck in railings you’ll be able to grease your ears and slide out.

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