Can I use something from here on my own website?

You should see my copyright policy here for full details, but the quick answer is tell me what it is and ask me. If the permission is mine to give, I'll usually give it, so long as I'm suitably credited obviously.

If I give you my email address, am I going to regret it?

I REALLY hate spam! So, I'm not going to be guilty of spamming myself. Nor will I sell / rent / give your email address to other parties who might. My full Privacy Policy is here.

Who owns the copyright to what?

Things generally fall into one of three categories: graphics and text I've created myself; things I've got a licence or the copyright holder's permission to use - e.g. images used in captioned s-t-u-f-f; publicly available graphics - such as product and organisation logos. If it isn't immediately obvious which is which, assume I own the copyright and ask me. (If I don't own it, I'll tell you.) The legalese regarding copyright can be read here.

Why does this site look ‘weird’?

Although they all basically do the same job, different browsers - of which there are several major ones in common use - actually render things to your screen in slightly different ways. To complicate things even more, within each type of browser you can usually personalise it quite a lot - for example by making the text size bigger or smaller. If that doesn't make things complicated enough, it also depends on the kind of screen you're trying to view the site on. A wide screen rendering will look quite different from the more traditional 'squarer' terminals, and if you're trying to view in a smartphone app or Blackberry, it will look different again. So with all these variables, it's impossible to predict exactly what you'll see, though I do try to make sure it's something you can live with in most cases. If it isn't, tell me! Of course, there's always a very small possibility I've just tried to do something that has gone horribly wrong. But if that's the case, I'll already be working on things trying to put them back how they were!

What do I do if I come across something ‘weird’?

This website is constantly changing, so whilst I'm confident that things worked properly when I set them up, it's not totally outside the realms of possibility that something I've later done has had an unforeseen consequence elsewhere. So if you try something, and something weird happens, tell me, OK? While you're waiting for a response, just carry on as normal. It's unlikely (I hope) that anything you do will seriously break things!

What do I do if I come across content that I find objectionable?

Stuff I post myself is, I believe, family-friendly. Visitors can post comments freely. So that I don't delay these items they're not usually moderated. Of course I expect visitors to be sensible and considerate, and not to post inappropriate material. But it could happen. If you come across something that you think is, tell me. I'll take a look as soon as I can, and where necessary amend or delete it.

What powers this site?

It's a WordPress installation based on the Generic theme by Bryan Hadaway. A plugin called Pods enables customised tailoring specifically for this site while various others provide additional functionality as needed. These plugins change too frequently to maintain accurate details of what is doing what, but you can see a list of those currently in use here.

Which button | key stroke | action blows my computer up?

None. Well, none I've found yet anyway. The site's fairly robust too. And regularly backed up. So the short answer is ... "Try it, see what happens." [If something DOES blow your computer up, let me know, OK? That would be rather cool!]

I can’t find a link back to where I came in

A few entries have no links to them because they're not relevant to the main purpose of this site. Use your browser's BACK button to return to the page you came in at, use a keyword or phrase in the navigation bar's search facility to find the item again or reuse the original link that brought you to the site.

I have a show episode you’re missing. How do I get it to you?

The easiest way is to use the file upload form here.

Can I revoke my cookie consent once it has been given?

Of course you can. Just click here: Revoke consent